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Kata Rokkar at Flux 53

My friends over at Kata Rokkar are putting together a show this week (Sept. 25th) over at Flux 53 in Oakland with Santa Barbara math rock/folk act Oso, Benjamin Henderson of Good Hustle/ex-Delta Activity, and Picture Atlantic. For those in the Bay Area, it will definitely be worth your time to check it out and support the local scene. If you're interested, you can purchase tickets here.

Here is some info about the groups playing:

With roots in Americana, containing deep intertwining layers of melody, rhythm and time reminiscent of Eastern Europe, oso is creating rock music that’s moving beyond the boundaries of genre. Described as ‘technical folk’ and ‘math-rock world music’, oso makes music that blends the intensity of sweeping compositions with the intimacy of heart-felt vocals.


With ‘a circus-like sense of theater’, oso’s performances connect with people due to the sheer energy and emotion of the experience, reaching music lovers of all cultures and ages.

Benjamin Henderson -
Benjamin has kept the folk rock spirit alive, singing and writing for local bands such as Delta Activity and Good Hustle. He recently released this solo EP, Dirty Birdies, a montage of mellow folk/indie songs that hold true to his rebellious roots.


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