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A&R: The Music Submissions

Red Cortez - Hands to the Wall EP
Red Cortez is an unsigned band from SoCal currently on a big national tour with the Airborn Toxic Event. They have also apparently joined such high profile acts as Stephen Malkmus, Morrissey, and Little Joy recently. Seems like a pretty good start for an act that has yet to release a full album. The band has a strong lead singer in Harley Prechtel - Cortez and they let him loose on songs where he either simmers or screams. They are all fairly serious, and the guitar-heavy rock largess of the EP might scare off a more traditional "indie" audience. That said, they seem like both a great summer festival band and someone to see in dingy rock club. That type of flexibility is always a good sign.

Sounds Like: State Radio, Kings of Leon every once in a while.
Listen To: Fell on the Floor, World at Rest

Sliimy - Paint Your Face
In case you hadn't heard, Perez Hilton is starting his own "record label" that may or may not actually just be a funny little side project of Warner Music Group (hint: it is). The first artist signed to this new media venture is Sliimy, an adorable French hipster who will almost certainly be performing at San Francisco Pride 2010. His first single from his debut album Paint Your Face is called "Wake Up" and has a cute live action/claymation video to match. It's a fun and energetic pop song that is addictive and slightly annoying at the same time. There's a whole lot of range on this album, but nothing quite stands up to "Wake Up" in terms of energy and originality as a single. The tracks that might hint to a future career are the ones that show how easily a cute boy can fill in for a girl, say, Lily Allen for example. "My God" is a little bluesy, as though it was written for a soulful lady lounge singer. Other tracks on the album don't quite capitalize on the appeal of Sliimy's androgynous sound and wind up sounding a little flat and forgettable. Hopefully, the attention he gets through Perez will allow him to stretch those skinny little legs more in the future.

Sounds like: Lily Allen, Mika. A lot.
Listen to: Wake Up, My God, Tic Tac

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