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Come Test Me, I Bring Justice!

Today's blog will be a smattering (love this word) of new music and videos to check out. This is just some good ole stuff I've heard/seen that you should check out.

This is Justice's new video for "Stress": directed by Romain-Gavras. Be warned, this is a bit violent and in many instances looks quite real.

As promised, here is a song from Medicine for Melancholy. The song is performed by Casiotone For The Painfully Alone, and is entitled "New Years Kiss." A side note, this is Barry Jenkins directing debut, but he is better known as the drummer for the 1960s band, The Animals.

Casiotone For The Painfully Alone
"New Years Kiss"

Karin Dreijer, the female half of Knife, solo project under the name Fever Ray, brings an equally haunting and icy tone. D Lissvik remix of her song "When I Grow Up," melds her aching and reminiscent lyrics with playful flute and island guitar strumming.

Fever Ray (Remixed by D Lissvik)
"When I Grow Up

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