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Nothing Ever Happened, Until Now

"Nothing Ever Happened"

As seen on Betterpropaganda.com

“Nothing Ever Happened,” sounds like the pop emergence of an underground rock band. Deerhunter having changed labels and guitarists for their third album Microcastle, have produced a sound more radio friendly. The song begins with a 80s rock melody, and then breaks—soloing bass guitarist Josh Fauver. Then singer Bradford Cox chimes in harmony with the guitar, “Only when I dream but there's no way out / You learn to talk, you learn to shout /Focus on depth that was never there/ Eliminate what you can't repair.” The introspective lyrics reflect the depth of the group’s work, regardless of their more radio friendly sound. Then the hook kicks in “Nothing ever happened to me” which repeats three times, before Cox sings “Life just passing, flash right thru me.” As life continues to pass through Cox, so does the guitar riff, as it repeats, and repeats, passing us by, as the song closes to an end. “Nothing Ever Happened,” is a pop song, with a simple and catchy hook; yet, it is more than just pop, as it weighs with a heavy and dreary sense of self-defeat. Cox’s voice is soothing and also haunting as he finishes saying “I never saw it coming,” but for us critics, we can see Deerhunter coming—developing into one of best new indie rock bands.

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