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Upcoming Concerts 4/7-4/14

I hate to say it, especially since there are some great shows this weekend, but save your pennies (and stamina) for next week. On route to Coachella (in LA), SO MANY good bands will be coming through San Francisco both before and after the festival. At SFCritic we will be binging on a feast of bands...

We are Wolves
@ Bottom of the Hill. Friday April 9th, 9pm ($10, AA)
Montreal-based indie rockers bring their pared down sound to one of SF's best little venues. If you haven't heard them yet, this is a great place to check them out.

Spoon with Deerhunter @ Fox Theater April 13th, 7:30PM ($32)
The Austin, Texas-based Spoon began as an indie rock band heavily influenced by the jarring melodic dissonance and loud-soft dynamics of the Pixies, but by the early 2000s had developed its own sound and style owing as much to angular British punk-era bands like Wire and Gang of Four as to the music of the Nineties alternative boom.

V.V. Brown @ Independent April 13th & 14th, 9PM ($20) Under the moniker "VV Brown", she released her debut album, Travelling Like the Light, in July 2009 [1] by Universal Records. The album was preceded by a limited non-chart eligible release of "Crying Blood" on 7" vinyl and digital download. Brown wrote the music and plays instruments on the album.[1] The album is inspired by 1950s and electronic music as well as sounds emitted from Game Boy and Nintendo.[1].

Atoms for Peace @ Fox Theater April 14th & 15th, 8PM ($50) Thom Yorke's side project previously known as ???? will hit the road this April under its new official name, Atoms For Peace. Yorke assembled the live outlet to bring his 2006 solo album The Eraser to the stage, and debuted the band - which features Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea, producer Nigel Godrich, Beck drummer Joey Waronker and percussionist Mauro Refosco - during a string of shows in Los Angeles last year.
Thom Yorke's much anticipated side project making two nights of it at

Whitest Boy Alive @ Slim's April 14th, 8PM ($16) Formed in 2003 as an electronics-based group with an emphasis on the dancefloor, the Whitest Boy Alive eventually abandoned all programming and most other forms of synthetic instrumentation for a typical rock band setup. Guitarist/vocalist Erlend Øye (Kings of Convenience), bassist Marcin Öz, drummer Sebastian Maschat, and keyboardist Daniel Nentwig began playing a form of straightforward and stripped-down indie rock informed by early Talking Heads (particularly the spindly sound of "Talking Heads: 77") and Josef K.

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