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Upcoming Concerts 4/28-5/5

Murs @ Fillmore, April 29th, 8pm ($20) Former Living Legends member, LA "backpack rapper," however you might label him--one thing is for sure, Murs is just plain good. One of the most lucid, interesting rappers in hip hop, Murs will be performing at the Fillmore. I've seen him many times, and personally can attest, he's great live.

Solid Gold @ Rickshaw Stop, April 30th, 9pm ($9.99) The Minneapolis funky, indie-electronic group are a SFCritic favorite. Opening for Lemonade, this will surely be a sweet treat of a show.

The Antlers/Phantogram @ The Independent, May 1st, 9pm ($14) Led by 23-year-old Brooklynite Peter Silberman, The Antlers make grandiose yet intimate indie rock in a favorable review of their sophomore album Hospice. Thanks to the album's heavy and deathly subject matter and Silberman's quivering croon, the Antlers have garnered many comparisons to Arcade Fire. And it's hard to ignore the way both groups can turn fatalism into something uplifting. Lastly, Phantogram is another rising group not to miss. The love-duo put together gritty beats polished with hip hop swag, topped with great indie vocals. HONESTLY, I can't believe this is only $14!

Blue Scholars @ People's Park in Berkeley, May 1st (Free) 12-5 UC Berkeley's Students for Hip Hop every year throw a FREE concert, Hip Hop in the Park. This year’s lineup is dope (as always), which includes: Blue Scholars, Invincible, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Rocky Rivera, Otayo Dub, Kurse and more...

B.o.B./Lupe Fiasco @ The Warfield, May 4th, 8pm ($33.25) It's been a long time, probably since 50 Cent's Get Rich or Die Trying that there has been such a buzz circling a debut album, but with B.o.B.'s hit single "Nothing on You," you can hear and FEEL that buzz. Never to be overlooked, Lupe Fiasco (the actual headliner) is also out with a new album and is nothing to shy away from.

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