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Free Mp3 Fridays

Thanks to rcrd lbl for making this possible. A little taste and preview of summer fun. Make sure to check out the joint from Sunday Girl and Diplo. Really:

Blitzen Trapper: "Heaven And Earth"
Blitzen Trapper don’t write a lot of piano ballads. “Heaven And Earth,” though, is a piano ballad--a grand ballad. There are strings, the piano weighs warm and heavy and lyrically it couldn’t be headier.

Sunday Girl & Diplo (Diplo Remix): "Four Floors"
Sunday Girl is Jade Williams, a rising, 21-year-old singer from a small commuter town outside London called, Broxbourne. Diplo’s dubsteppy retooling of her single “Four Floors” connects the dots between their separate worlds–his bass-aholic expertise and her underdog pop ambitions.

Band of Horses: "No One's Gonna Love You"
This is an old favorite of mine, but if you've never listened to this track, do yourself the favor: listen. The first single, "Compliments," from the group's new album, Infinite Arms, suggests a brighter direction--something that may thwart their current fan's excitement.

Gayngs: "The Gaudy Side of Town"
When you mix Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) with Minneapolis indie-funksters Solid Gold--you get a new type of jewel. "The Gaudy Side of Town," the first single from their highly anticipated debut Relayted off of Jaguar Records. To download the track, go to Betterpropaganda here.

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  1. I am somewhat underwhelmed with "The Gaudy Side of Town" though I think it is a big step in the right direction for the boys from Solid Gold. I am also anxious to hear what else is added by some of my favorite acts who contributed to the project (Lookbook and The Rosebuds, for starters).


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