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Friday Free Mp3s

It's almost summer time, which is the fun time for music at bbqs, road trips, and bright picnics. In this vain, SFCritic has brought you some sweet tunes to put in your ice-t, so you'll look as cool as Mr. T, relaxing without T-Pain. Yes, I did just put a white-boy rap in my synopsis. T.G.I.F.

Hot Chip: "I Feel Bonnie"
The new One Life Stand single gets the unlikeliest of guest vocals from folk weirdo Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, aka Will Oldham. And it doesn’t sound incredibly weird! Oldham’s playing it relatively straight, adding a counterpoint melody to the hook and some spoken words to the verse. Softer, sweeter than previous work "I Feel Bonnie," even the "Club Version," is a pleasant surprise.

The Ruby Suns:"Closet Astrologer"
What Discovery tried for but overly soaked in auto-tune. What made Brian Eno's pysch-pop so ambient, but thoughtful. The sound--The Ruby Suns have so perfectly created on their new album, Fight Softly, is awesome. “Closet Astrologer,” almost sounds anchorless, like its drum line can’t keep ahold of anything, waves of crystallized synth slipping out of its grasp like a child’s balloon; it’s gorgeous, unearthly stuff. Even if you're borderline on this track, take a closer look at the rest of album it's perfect for summer breezes and road trips (and summer is coming).

Suckers: "Out On The Water"
You can either be a sucker, or listen to Suckers. Another French Kiss favorite, I won't go as far as being a sucker for them yet--but you never know.

The Clean: "Tensile"
No year on Earth can be all bad if The Clean are releasing a new album. “Tensile” is keyboard crescents darting around three and four-note guitar and bass figures, all green-lighted by their particular sort of Krautpop beat—the one where the robotic severity is replaced by ultra-human grooviness.

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