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Free Mp3 Fridays

Junip: "Rope and Summit"
There’s something about “Rope And Summit”, the new track from José Gonzales’ band Junip, that makes us want to renounce electricity and cycle vertically across the Americas. Maybe we and José can ride tandem.

David Guetta: Kid Cudi "Memories" (Remix)
I walked into Amoeba the other day, and on the top shelf was David Guetta's new album, One Love. Kid Cudi may have gone off his rocker, drinking, ego-tripping, and David Guetta just helps Cudi further on this track! Memories are for sissy girls, drink up.

Deer Tick: "20 Miles"
Deer Tick began in December of 2004 in the bedroom of Providence native, John McCauley. With a tape recorder and a nylon string guitar, he ... (more) did what most anybody would do; he made tapes for his friends. Now he makes tapes for you.

ARMS: "Heat & Hot Water"
ARMS is Brooklyn-based mid-20s-type Todd Goldstein, who also plays guitar in a band called Harlem Shakes. In ARMS, he records himself playing a whole mess ... (more) of different instruments, sings, and tells stories about mildly freaky situations.

Health; "USA Boys"
“USA Boys” was recorded at former tourmate Trent Reznor’s home studio with Alan Moulder at the mixing desk, a guy who’s produced Depeche Mode, My Bloody Valentine, and a grip of other crushingly coarse, wonderfully hi-fi records. And while that information alone should have you already clicking “download,” let us also say that this is a HEALTH song like few others–dirge-slow and beaty, if not completely refuting their love of strobscopic textures.

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