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Reader's Choice Awards 2009

Ho Ho and Happy Hanu-kwanza to you all! Here at SFCritic we want to reach out to all our readers and ask for their opinions. TELL US YOUR FAVORITE ALBUMS OF 2009. We plan to collect everyone's submissions and compile them to create our first "Reader's Choice Awards."

Here are the guidelines:
1. Write about at least 1 to 10 albums
2. Each selection should be explained with at least three to four sentences
3. If you submit more than 1, put them in the order of preference
4. Submissions will be accepted until 12/21
5. Submit your list to djohnsonigra@gmail.com

From now until 12/21 we will post our favorite descriptions, and the incoming results as they go--if we receive any that is! So don't be a Scrooge, and get into the holiday music spirits. Submit your list NOW to: djohnsonigra@gmail.com

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