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People's Choice Submissions

We're still collecting Reader's submissions. Don't be scared! As we continue to countdown SFCritic's top albums, here are some of our reader's selections:

"Here's my top 5" -Rick James Chatas

1. Blakroc Blakroc
- First Rock/Hip Hop album collaboration with more than just a trendy single
- Black Keys always bring it
- The Rap contribution is amazing. Big Mos Def and RZA fan.

2. The Dead Weather Horehound
- Allison Mosshart. GAWD. Enough said. Amazing voice, delivery, and she's sexy
- It's not a White Stripes or Raconteurs off shoot. I think the album stands on its own in every track

3. The XX - XX
- This record totally took me by surprise
- Low-fi sex appeal
- Heavy concepts that you still sing to; there's an understanding there

4. Florence and The Machine - Florence and The Machine
- Florence has an amazing voice
- The song concepts are real and transparent
- The record has a way of whisking you away to surreality

5. Kevin Devine Brother's Blood
- Seriously, the new Bob Dylan
- Best record he's done to date
- Under appreciated, under valued, but oh so sick

"My kids like The List by Rosanne Cash. All the time." - Renee Schwalberg

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