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Two Treasures from Treasure Island Festival

One is the loneliness number, so then two is the best way to enjoy the Treasure Island Festival. Just look at all the twos: 1) We gave two different bands, 2) both playing on different days (2 days), 3) two sets of questionnaires, 4) which we collected at two different points (pre- and post-performance), 5) with the hopes that together they would give two different perspectives, 6) on two very different days of the Treasure Island Music Festival. The Limousines performed on Saturday along with other electro influenced groups like Brazilian Girls, Passion Pit, and MSTRKFT to a young, almost rave audience. Tommy Guerrero performed to an older crowd, on a gloomy and cold Sunday where the lineup focused on indie rock with veteran artists like Bob Moulds and Yo La Tengo. Check out their answers below:


1. Simon and Garfunkel have a song called The Rock, where they sing, “A rock has no name, and an island never cries.” If you were an island what would your name be?
Limousines (L): Garfunkeland
Tommy Guerrero (TG): Drowned

2. If you were lost at sea, who would have been the captain?
L: Captain EO or Captain Crunch. They both have the credentials but couldn’t be more varied in their skill sets.
TG: Me

3. Out of all the fish in the sea, describe your best catch?
L: Hail Mary, caught a cold once or twice.
TG: A case of crabs.

4. Every ship has a flag, what symbols would be on your flag?
L: Joystick, Ipod, naked people...
TG: If I were a drummer it would be zildjian

5. If your ship was to crash aboard an island, what skills do you have to survive?
L: We could sooth savage beasts with our music, and then eat them while they sleep?
TG: Perseverance.

After Performance

1. What moment from the festival is worthy of placing in a treasure chest?
L: Surprise fireworks while someone was having sex in a plastic outhouse.
TG: Bob Mould and Yo La Tengo

2. If you were taken captive on a pirate ship who would be the first band
mate made to walk the plank, and why?
L: We'd do a tandem plank walk.
TG: Me. The captain always goes down with the ship.

3. Treasure Island used to be an army base, which band from the festival’s
lineup would you march to war with?
L: The Flaming Lips would probably be very creative and resourceful warriors.
TG: Bob. He's an intelligent cat. He'd get us out alive.

4. Performing on an island is an unusual venue. What’s the most unusual thing
you saw?
L: A family of monsters invaded our tent and ate our bananas.
TG: San Francisco as a backdrop.

5. Ginger or Mary Anne?
L: Both, of course - pleasure island.
TG: That's double trouble.

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