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The Cataracs "Freakin' Ta Ma Song" (NC-17)

I recently discovered The Cataracs, a Bekerely, CA based hip hop? group. This is not a recommendation, as much as a joke in a care package delivered to you on this Friday morning. There isn't really much I need to say beyond take a listen. Describing the video's typical freak getup of girls on roller skates around a pool, auto-tuned voices, and two white? guys poppin' champagne like Mega Dons, just seems kind of tacky--oops. The song is called "Freak Ta Ma Song," and was probably sent as a love letter. Seeing that these guys have good taste, oh wait, no, they have cataracts (and can't spell it)--that explains everything!

Ps-why is this NC-17? Probably because little kids don't need to be disillusioned about pop music.


  1. Hey there, I'm not the biggest Cata fan in the world but I like enough of their tunes to stand up for them. The video and song are obviously intended to be humorous... And the fact that you're taking them so seriously makes you look pretty out of touch. And kind of douche-y.

    Oakland, CA

  2. Word. I respect that. Why don't you suggest some songs?

  3. I'm in The Cataracs, and as much as I wanted to respond to this post, I'm glad someone beat me to it and called you out for being a douchebag. Without you, how else would we find out that pretentious America doesn't enjoy our creations? Cheers you fuckin' douche.

  4. Clearly, you didn't see my response to Dave's post, otherwise rather than insult me, you might have suggested some other songs for me to listen to.

    For the record, I've listened to shit music from Nas, to Murs, to Cunninlynguists. It's not pretentious, it's an opinion.

    Clearly, this "pretentious" American didn't understand the intent of your song. If you'd like to explain, I'm all ears.

  5. "Insult you"? Did you read what you wrote about us? Bottom line is, you're an online music critic, you're doing your job/hobby and you're entitled to your opinion, just like people are entitled to hop online and call you a douchebag. Good luck with your website.

    Sidebar: Is everyone on this planet named David? (that's my real name)


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