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Featured Artist: Fat Freddy's Drop

This group of Kiwis (from New Zealand) create one of the most unique and compelling reggae, dub, and improvised jam music I've ever heard. Having gained an international following about five years ago, they often perform in Europe, but hardly ever in the US (but they're coming to SF!). Accordingly, few Americans know the band, which is sad, because in all sincerity, they're more than worthy of just a listen--they're worthy of hyping to your friends. With soul vocals, over dub step beats, and reggae chords, Fat Freddy's Drop is entirely fresh and addictive. Their new album, Dr. Boondigga & The Big BW was just released. The song below, "Roady," was the first song I heard of theirs, and is the crack to my obsession.

Fat Freddy's Drop: "Roady"

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