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List Top 5: Hip Hop Videos for Kids

"Hip Hop Videos for Kids," isn't really for kids, but rather adults like SFCritic, who still acts like a kid when laughing at bad edited Youtube videos. Thanks to Youtube and 50 Cent "My Buddy," is no longer a reference just to a doll. We all knew that Disney movies had some messed up innuendos and subtle imagery, but who knew southern rap sounded SO GOOD as the soundtrack. Here is a compilation of five videos that make hip hop, kids, and SFCritic just a little more laughable. Enjoy:

5. My Buddy Commercial ft. 50 Cent

4.Beauty and the Beast ft. Juvenile

3. All Dogs Go To Heaven ft. Method Man, Snoop Dog, and Redman

2. Bert & Ernie ft. M.O.P.

*Thanks Derek for the heads up..

1. Duck Tales ft. Lil Jon and Three 6 Mafia

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