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Bibio's Ambivalence Avenue

Deep in the forest of Warp land, Bibio has created an alternatively fresh method to publicize his music. On Bibio's Warp homepage, there is a forest where you can walk and listen to his new album Ambivalence Avenue. The album was recently awarded by Pitchfork magazine as the "Best New Music."

What is intriguing about this forest, is a listener is able to leave his "mark." The interface gives your options beyond just writing your name on a tree, such as leaving a car hanging in a bush. This ability to translate space, identity, and music, whether simplistic and regimented by circumstances, reminds me of an article I wrote in the past discussing music and the moment. The natural, and moody sounds of Bibio's music feel fitting for the forest, as one wonders unknowing of who and what they'll discover. Take a look, leave your name, and become a fan.

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