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The Life of a Music Celebrity

You may have seen "True Hollywood Story" on E! TV, and thought you knew the life of a child prodigy musician, but you had no idea. The three videos below show the progress of a child pop musician from infancy to adult maturity. This is a story of passion, drugs, and sex appeal. This is a story of becoming a star!

Evian Commercial

Evian Roller Babies Interviews - Click here for more home videos
The dexterity of these dancers is incredible. While most babies pee on rugs, these babies were poised for success as soon as they tied up those roller skates. They even changed their own diapers while on the skates.

Stoned Again

(Thanks for finding this video, at My Crazy Music Blog)
After success propelled these stars into the limelight, they needed alternative methods to relax. With their superstar status, they met up with "Turtle's" hookup Saigon (Saigon Wiki), to get some of that good shit. As a result of too much medicine, they disappeared from the spotlight for several years, until they had a resurgence in confidence...

88 Keys ft. Kanye West: "Stay Up (Viagra)"

Lacking endorsements, the stars had to reach onto something tangibly appropriate and VOILA!, Viagra grew on them. "Stay up!" is no joke, "stay up--damnit" is what SHE SAID! Now they stay up past their bed time, eager to please for one more shot in the spotlight.

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