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News in Music Blogs

"News in Music Blogs," a weekly update of interesting blog posts, discussion topics, and event listings in the music blogging community. Think Largehearted Boy with a focus on San Francisco events, and only music topics. The catch, we want your voice. Read a post you want to share, have an event you think is appropriate for SFCritic, interested in continuing a larger online discussion, email us links, or comment below!

Bay Area

Evie Ladin plays old-time banjo. Listen and you can hear the whomp and jive of her clawhammer style, honest to the genre’s Appalachian heritage. She will be playing at the Freight & Salvage in Berkeley on Feb. 25th, see more details here.

The SFCritic is rapped up in SXSW as are most music industry folks this time of year, and The Deli SF is no exception. The music magazine has reserved space for Bay Area talents to entertain. Those interested in taking part, check it out here.

Noise Pop kicks off with Live 105 with a party at Benders on February 23rd, showcasing Har Mar Superstar. The show is free to everyone, but you have to :1) PICK UP - Go to the Diesel store (800 Market Street) between Friday, Feb 19th - Tuesday, Feb 23rd. and pick up the FREE BE STUPID t-shirt. 2) SIGN UP - When in the Diesel Store, also sign the RSVP guest list for the show (list is first come first serve) 3) SHOW UP - Arrive at Benders, wearing your BE STUPID t-shirt, check in and have fun! You MUST wear the BE STUPID t-shirt and be on the guest list for entry. Kind of a big deal, right?

Berkeley Place has a "fascinating" article about why superheroes aren't dating hot women in recent films. I don't agree with him, but kudos to an interestingly irrelevant subject.

SF Weekly put together a list of what to do for Noise Pop. So for those confused, unsure, or just plain indecisive, take a look. BTW, did you know Yoko Ono is 77-years old? Wow.

Bay Area rapper and Zion I prodigy, K-Flay, will be performing at The Bottom of The Hill on February 21st.


Last week I discussed Blogger shutting down music blogs, Wired Magazine ran a story about it further.

The Pope, yes, the Holy One, has made a list of his favorite tunes, which you can find here. Thanks to Gawker for the story.

Just when you thought anyone could do whatever they want (mainly George W. Bush), Peaches' hope to perform Jesus Christ Superstar was shut down by the German rights-holder licensing the song. More about this at The Guardian.

GAYNGS, a suggestive combination of gay and gangs, is the mega group you've yet to hear about, but will soon (their debut release is May 10th). Comprised of a huge lineup of artists including: Bon Iver, Megafaun, P.O.S., Dessa, and the list goes on. See here for more.

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