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Featured Artist: The Cave Singers

The Cave Singers are a band I'm surprised more people aren't talking about. The trio from Seattle, lead by vocalist Peter Quirk have developed their sound into a folksy comparison of Fleet Foxes with undertones of Bob Dylan. Have I got your attention? Their sophomore album released at the end of 2009 (Aug 18th) Welcome Joy (Matador Records) sees the band developing a softer sound on tracks like "Beach House," venturing away from their more progressive, and bluesy tracks like "Dancing on Our Graves" from their debut album, Invitation Songs. Both tracks highlight that The Cave Singers are not just a band to watch, they're a band to listen to NOW. For those Bay Area folks, the group will be playing in San Francisco at The Independent on March 9th.

You can download some of The Cave Singer's songs at BetterPropaganda.

The Cave Singers: "Beach House"

The Cave Singers: "Dancing On Our Graves"

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