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Friday Free Mp3s: Beach House, Crookers, Fresh Breath Committee, and Amp Live

(EXCLUSIVE) The duo of Fo Chief and Kontrast of the steadily rising Fresh Breath Committee have taken one big leap higher or as they would say, "So Fuckin' High. Blown out of mind." The entitled track, "Unwind" features fellow FBC mate, Catch Lungs. "Unwind" will be released sometime soon on a mixtape tentatively called, "Cannonball Soup" (A reference to Cannonball Adderly I wonder?). The track sees Kontrast take on a deeper, "sexier" style and features a dope beat reminiscent of Pete Rock's work with Ini. Holla!
Download Here: Kontrast & Fo Chief (Ft. Catch Lungs): "Unwind"

A while back Crookers did a remix of Kid Cudi's "Day N Nite," which put them on my radar. "We Love Animals" will not serve the palate of everyone. It might even frighten you. The pulsating rhythm builds to an unbearable almost irritating pace before breaking into a dance beat with kicks and drums. Think late night: club-drug-ass-grinding-sweat-dripping-holy-shit-WHOA! That's "We Love Animals."
Crookers: "We Love Animals"

Beach House has one of the biggest buzzes going in the MP3 world these days. The slow, somber-folky rock is what everyone is talking about. I'm not sure I completely understand--yet, but why should I deprive my loyal readers of "best thing of 2010."
Beach House: "Gila"

Amp Live, better known as the production half of Bay Area's Zion I, has put together another lively, drum-bass, hip hop, techno compilation entitled, Eskimo Snow. After receiving flack from Radiohead, but huge praise across the board for Rainydayz album, a remix of Radiohead's Kid A, the dude is steadily building the following he deserves. Check out the Rainydayz album here and stay tuned for the new EP.
Amp Live: "WHY?-Bezerkley?"

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