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Blogger Removes Music Blogs

Pop Tart Sucks Toast and BillRocksCleveland, former music blogs hosted on Blogger, (like this blog), were both removed by Blogger. Poof! Gone! Years of posts instantly removed and deleted. The fight begins. Play your part, support the blogger.

The controversy stems from "violations of Blogger's DMCA agreement." A simple synopsis: posting copyright material for illegal consumption. The procedure: Blogger "notifies" (BillRocksCleveland claims he was never notified) the user, and registers the violation with the ChillingEffect.org. The accused has an opportunity to file a counter plea, submitting data that suggests his actions were legal. In this case, BillRocksClevand states that he was given approval by a music publicist.

In reaction to said events, the blogging community is taking action. At Elbo.ws, bloggers have been sympathizing with Bill, as well as offering their services. You can read this forum here. Bill has posted his claims denying the allegations on Blogger's Help Forum, which you can find here. Whether this will make much change, please support Bill and click "approve" his answer. Meanwhile, Matt at Earfarm set up a hashtag on Twitter to compile the relevant topics and articles concerning the issue, which you can follow here.

This is scary folks. If SFCritic is down in the next few weeks, know this, we're moving to WordPress. Any readers who have Web 2.0 knowledge and would be willing/able to share advice/help would be greatly appreciated.

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