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Pure Ecstasy: Featured Artist

The wonderful thing about being a music enthusiast/blogger/collector is stumbling upon an unknown (by you or by most people) band and having to double take your player, "Who's this!?" I have three tracks on my Ipod by Pure Ecstasy, the Austin lo-fi, surf rock group that only has 77k page views on MySpace. Each time one of their songs ("Easy," "You're In It Now" or "DWLDWD") has come on, I've turned my head from the road (as I'm driving) to peak at my Ipod. "Oh snaps! Who is this Pure Ecstasy?"

The sleepy sounding lo-fi is light with bright vocal harmonies dulled against dark distortions, and dissonance. Hoots and howls re-verb against clashing guitars, while the rhythm calmly moves. Sonically fitting for overcast afternoons, and hazy summer picnics--Pure Ecstasy is one of the most fitting names for a band.

Pure Ecstasy: "Easy"

Pure Ecstasy: "You're In It Now"

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