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Upcoming Concerts

Well, the test run of "Music News" was to be kind "an utter (dry) failure" as no one seemed to read it; donc, we at SFCritic will try again with something new: "Upcoming Concerts." Upcoming Concert will list a handful of shows, mostly those that will be in Bay Area (unless they're incredible and stupid for not coming to SF), and one indie show. Promoters, small-time artists, and friends of bands, this is your opportunity for some small time publicity (for free). Submit you're concert, with a reason why SFCritic should promote it, the more creative, the better, and the more likely you'll be heard.

March 31st - April 7th

Kidz in the Hall
on March 31st at Independent ($13-$15): The hip hop duo are trying to establish themselves with their braggadocio rhymes, and sample-less beats as a indie hip hop group to reckon with, but Pitchfork wasn't too kind to them; nonetheless, they're definitely worth seeing on a Wednesday night.

Hot Buttered Rum on April 2nd at Freight & Salvage ($24.50-$25.50): Besides the exceptional name, I've been hearing a lot about these guys through the grapevine. Initially formed as an acoustic string band, seven years of constant touring has transformed Hot Buttered Rum into a plugged-in, percussive powerhouse.

The English Beat on April 3rd at Bimbos ($22): The Beat (known in North America as The English Beat) are a 2 Tone ska revival band founded in England in 1978. Their songs fuse ska, pop, soul, reggae, and punk rock

RJD2 on April 7th at Independent ($20): The beat smith from Ohio has become a staple of indie hip hop over the last 10 years since the release of his classic album, Deadringer. During his last tour he abandoned his turntable, and laptop, playing multiple instruments. What will he do this time?

Emily McLean on April 31st at Red Devil Lounge ($8): Emily has gotten noticed on both coasts, as an innovative, raw talent. While in New York she performed with Jazz legends, like Joe Chambers, Junior Mance, and Bernard Purdie. “The emotion Emily conveys while singing, reminds me of Roberta Flack, and not too many people sing like that anymore.” Praised Bernard Purdie.

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