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80s Lavish Rock is Today's Hip Hop?

In a recent interview with Metric frontwoman, Emily Haines, SFCritic asked her about the connotation of today's "rock stars," particularly, whether it had changed in comparison to those iconic stars of Woodstock, or grunge rock, or whomever. Haine's made an interesting point when she compared today's rock generation to the lavish 80s rockers:

"I think our generation of musicians feels more accountable, and more engaged in the cultural narrative as a whole, instead of just ideally in your own little world where you're the star of your show."

This is a jump, but I'm interested in your opinion--my question for you: Is today's popular hip hop artists, yesterday's 80s lavish rock stars?

Consider these points:

1. Rock 'n roll (arguably) began in the 60s, and twenty years later has the 80s lavish "meltdown" (or whatever you might call it)
2. Hip hop began in the 80s, and twenty years later (now) might have a similar "meltdown"
3. A hip hop "meltdown" does not mean just chains, cars, girls, whatever...it's the dilution of content for mainstream content and overwhelming "me first" attitude (aka. Kanye West's), and lack of artistic creativity

What do you think?

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  1. Rap was more like the 80s in the 80s. Like that quote by Metric though.


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