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Geographer - "Can't You Wait" (Official Video)

In the last year and a half I have received countless albums, submissions, pitches, but I have never been blown away by a band completely unbeknownst to me, until now. Geographer, a Bay Area local band (hell yeah! I will be at every one of their shows, obsessing over them like Eve Marcellus does with Lady Gaga --though she'll only admit that half grudgingly) are incredible. Like Grizzly Bear "Cant You Wait" is charged with vocal harmonies. Their music has the infectious bounce that makes me love Pyramid (formerly Starfucker), the minimalism that's Dirty Projectors have perfected, coupled with those delightful Grizzly Bear harmonies. I'm speechless. Forget my comparisons, forget it all, because after you listen to them it won't matter. You'll be like me, and you'll just repeat "ahah ahaha." Oh yeah. Feel it come over you. Embrace it. I've listened to their Myspace page, over and over, and over...

and over.

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