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Rave On, Rave On

M. Ward
"Rave On"

It’s She & Him on “Rave On,” but technically it’s just him, M. Ward. Zoeey Deschanel sings the hook to this Buddy Holly cover, which true M. Ward’s fashion is more than just a cover of an old song, it feel likes an old song. Refusing to give up his $50 guitar he purchased 10 years ago at a pawn shop, M. Ward, aka Matt Ward, plays a soft rock that is harmoniously soothing and familiar. “Rave on,” feels fitting for a ride to a spring picnic with melding acoustic and electric guitar, Deschanel’s soft background chanting, and the occasional church bells. Oh, oh rave on M. Ward, keeps us preoccupied somewhere soft, light, and safe, away from this dismal economy.

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