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Bring back that 90s Rap

The LA based Pharcyde group, best known for their track "Runnin'", brought West Coast lyricism and story telling. A friend suggested to SFCritic to post Pharcyde's "She Says," because of it's smoothness. Reminiscent of 90s rap, lacking auto-tune, and with a simple musical structure with a Boyz II Men-esque singing hook, the track wins me at 1:25 when the midget comes running out on the beach. Also, I've attached my favorite Fatlip (one of the rappers in Pharcyde)songs called "What's Up Fatlip?" Enjoy:

"She Said"

"What's Up Fatlip?"

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  1. Thanks for posting these. That "what's up fatlip" video is one of my favorite Spike Jonze pieces (he's done some other amazing work with the band)...nice to see everything worked out and the Pharcyde is again one.



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