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The Path Walked

"So what are you doing with this blog?" Just over two months ago, this blog was conceived on a trip while riding in a cab. Now writing for two magazines my postings have decreased, but I hope your interest hasn't.

The New Year is near, and I'm thinking resolutions?, life changes?, and should I reflect? So many music websites are stating their favorite bands/albums/songs in the past--thus, I've got to be more creative. When this blog was conceived, I wrote:

I think music defines us. I think music can help one understand people by what they do, don't or claim to listen to. Call it judging. Call it tastes. Call it knowledge. We all assess life based on different mediums, beliefs, systems or structures--why not music?

Some people asked to know the purpose of SFCritic, implying I'd lost my course, or that my new posts seemed like tangents. Consider this posting a reconstruction of what has been stated, and an ushering of what is to come. Oh New Years, let us say there is something NEW this year.

In these posts I've references artists I like, discussed behavioral associations, symbolic references, and intertwined them in discussions of culture, life, and music.

I began this playlist of posts with direct cultural critique. Ne-Yo and the notion of an "independent woman," eliciting social paradigms in music concerning gender and also suggesting a viewpoint for analyzing popular music through a historical lens.

The next track intended to show how music and associations can change one's listening perspective. Whether discussing "fighting music," or "coffee house music," the topics were meant to assert that music is not just something you listen to, but can describe events, activities, or environments through manifested associations.

Finally, in a narcissistic, "this is my playlist" fashion, I added my own flare offering music suggestions. This wasn't merely to add posts when I was consumed with other deadlines, but also to provide an outlet to continue the exchange of music. Hopefully in the new year, this exchange can go both ways, with readers recommendations and discussion of the music proposed.

This blog will continue to highlight artists, critique society's cultural discourse through music, and poke fun at the stupid things we do (Aka "The Macarena").

For those of you reading this blog, thanks. Now, as I try begin a writing career, I can use your help. Sustain freelance writing by clicking on the Ad--it doesn't bite.

Happy New Years All!

David Johnson-Igra

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