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Ideas in Practice

The SFCritic is here today with a class assignment. Just follow the instructions, don't jump to conclusions--you're older now and should be more patient ("should" being key). Yes, you're schedule is busy, but give at least a minute to both clips. Enjoy.

1. Play this track at this website, and then close your eyes and let your imagination wonder with the music

2. So now you've disobeyed step two by reading this--so go to step three.

3. Either write down, or try and remember what the music brought out in you.

At this moment you're supposedly drawing. Are you drawing? Are you?

4. Below is a link to the same song, entitled: Talkdemonics, "Duality of Deathening."

5. Compare your original image to that of the music video, not the same is it?

6. Class dismissed.

In truth, this isn't any big "WOW," because of course placing an image to something will change your original interpretation. This is a very clear example: hearing a song without an image, and hearing the same song with an image. In everyday life, the examples and distinctions aren't as clear. In regards to the previous post, when listening to the song "So Nice," by Sergio Mendez and Brazil 66, I had a new "
"understanding" or interpretation of the song in the context of the coffee shop. In this case I'm comparing the song without an image, with the song in a different environmental surroundings.

So what if you heard 50 Cent's "In da Club," at a wake--would you still jam to it in the same way? This is simply a discussion of the notions of conditioning, but most importantly they should make you more conscious of the factors which condition your tastes and conceptions.

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