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Obama-Rama on the Dance Floor

While Mccain supporters flee to their ark, several musicians are releasing tracks and showing their support for Obama. From the likes of Nas, Jay-z, Thom Yorke, Will.i.Am, and even Jeezy, there isn't enough space to fit it all on a mixtape. It's amazing. Granted, Bono has been using his celebrity status to make political change for ages, but really--did you ever think you'd hear the "Dope Man" (Young Jeezy if you didn't know) talking politics?

Everyone talks about the "hey day" of music, back in the 60s when art and politics collided like the battles being fought at home and abroad. Sure, artists came out in support after 9/11 (see Oct 19th, "It Began"), but you definitely didn't see musicians rallying behind Bush in 2004.

There seems to be hope. Maybe it's the "ready for change," but SFCritic respects, and is impressed by the artists who performed or created music to support their political beliefs (whether or not it was for Obama--though, clearly I have my bias). There is a great article at pitchfork, which further lists all the tracks and artists who voiced their opinions.

Meanwhile, enjoy this new track by Jay-Z and Kanye West entitled, "We Made History."

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