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Kanye's "Auto-tune" Album..Can't Wait Right?

Recently West had a listening party of 700 invited guests for his new album 808s & Heartbreaks, and unfortunately, the SFCritic was not invited. As host, West offered guests his tunes for their ears and nude girls for the eyes. Kanye contracted artist Vanessa Beecroft to direct a live nude woman dance set behind silhouette. Sounds like a good party.

The new album is supposed to "deliver ideas in the most naked form" as Kanye stated to Rolling Stone. One of the tracks West pointed out was about his mother's recent death last year, after complications with cosmetic surgery.

The album might sound fantastic, and it's might be breaking walls for West, but I don't buy this hype. Don't get me wrong, his new single, "Heartless" is a worthy radio play. It's encouraging to see an accomplished artist step outsides their comfort zone, but West is simply taken a proven tool for success and trying to add it to his library. West's new album is all in "Auto-tune,"--there is no rapping, that's right no rapping. If you don't know what Auto-tune is, see: T-Payne and Akon. Everyone is making money using Auto-tune, what's new about Kanye jumping on board? I'm not trying to hate on Kanye. He's put out several tracks that continued to circle through my Ipod playlists.

The Rolling Stone article covering the release party ended in this manner:

Among the guests was Jimmy Kimmel, who arrived after West performed two songs on his show earlier that afternoon. “I’m sure it’s beautiful art, and many people can appreciate it on a much deeper level than I can,” Kimmel said of Beecroft’s work. “But I look out there and see a lot of good-looking naked girls and it makes me happy.”

Maybe Kanye is not rapping. Maybe Kanye is rapping about about Benz, girls, and Louis, or rapping at all for that matter, but until I hear the album, I'm not going to believe this naked composition is anything more than what it looks like, a ploy to sell two millions copies.

Below is an example of two recent popular hits which use Auto-Tune, and Kayne's new track "Heartless."

Lil Wayne featuring T-Payne, Lollipop

T-Payne featuring Akon, Bartender

Kanye West, Heartless

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