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No Bush-shit to Complain About: What's Next?

My pops always told me it's easier to write a negative review than a positive. With Bush out of office, that leaves a big void for popular artists and critics' rants. Equally interesting, as mentioned on Fluxblog, is the chronicle of now post-Bush critiques (mainly WTF lines) by musicians. These songs in the Obama-rama age (a current period of bright and jubilant illumination)seem antiquated. Bands like Dead Prez, The Coup, P.O.S., and other like minded political artists need to search for new material. P.O.S. might not agree, as he re-released his song, "Savion Glover," on his new album, Never Better. Maybe you can just say Obama heard P.O.S's complaints and answered them by shutting down Guantanamo? Either way, SFCritic is happy to embrace the change in music culture.

Take a listen to P.O.S. "Savion Glover."

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